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Welcome to the Law Office of Upland Cell Tower Lease Lawyer Scott J. Dexter. A highly experienced RealUpland Cell Tower Lease Attorney Scott Dexter Estate Attorney, Mr. Dexter has been providing experienced legal representation to property owners during the negotiation of land or real property leases to cellular tower companies for more than 27 years.

If you have been contacted by a cell phone company or a cellular business and they want to place a cell phone tower on your property, it is essential that you contact Attorney Scott Dexter at (909) 931-5920 to review your matter.

You may be entitled to numerous forms of compensation in exchange for the placement of a cell tower upon your land or building. Mr. Dexter is a knowledgeable lawyer who has successfully negotiated numerous cell phone tower leases on behalf of property owners in Upland and throughout the region.

Call today to learn how Cell Tower Lease Attorney Scott J. Dexter can assist you and ensure that you obtain the maximum compensation to which you are entitled for the use of your property.

Cell Tower Lease Negotiation Attorney in Upland

At the Law Office of Cell Tower Lease Lawyer Scott Dexter, we have more than 27 years’ experience preserving and protecting both the current and future interests of clients whose properties are being utilized for the placement of cell towers.

Mr. Dexter will meet with you to review the terms offered to you in exchange for the placement of a cell tower upon your property. He will educate you regarding your rights to various forms of compensation, which may include payment for land use, as well as revenue sharing and lump sum dividends.

Due to the fact that many landowners typically do not understand the full value associated with a cell tower lease, it is imperative that you obtain knowledgeable legal counsel from a Cell Tower Lease Attorney who has experience negotiating highly favorable cellphone tower lease and easement agreements on behalf of his clients. Failure to do so could result in the loss of revenue and the formation of a contract that is not in your best interests.

Contact Cell Tower Lease Lawyer Scott J. Dexter for a Consultation

For information about cell tower leases and contract negotiations, call Attorney Scott Dexter at (909) 931-5920. Dedicated to providing the highest quality legal counsel, Mr. Dexter will personally handle every aspect of your case, from contract negotiations through the signing of the lease. Additionally, Mr. Dexter will be available should you require future legal assistance with any aspect of your cell tower lease.

Conveniently located in Upland, Cell Tower Lease Attorney Scott J. Dexter proudly represents clients throughout all of the surrounding communities.

When experience is essential to ensure that your legal rights are preserved and protected by the very best, contact Lawyer Scott Dexter. Mr. Dexter will always provide an honest case analysis and treat you with the greatest level of respect.  

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