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Welcome to the Law Office of Scott J. Dexter. Attorney Scott Dexter is a knowledgeable transaction lawyer and litigator who has been safeguarding the best interests of clients in Upland and throughout the surrounding communities for more than 27 years. In addition to representing business and real estate clients, Mr. Dexter also possesses extensive experience serving as General Counsel to non-profit organizations, to businesses, and serving banks in related capacities.

Mr. Dexter offers representation in a broad range of Business and Real Estate matters, including but not limited to the following:

Business Law

Business Formation – Knowledgeable legal counsel to help clients choose the most favorable type of entity for their new business. Upland Business Lawyer Scott Dexter helps individuals with every aspect of Business Formation relating to starting up a Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Corporation or Non-Profit.

• Business Litigation

– Vigorous legal representation in all areas of Business Litigation, including representation in cases brought about as the result of disputes concerning Breach of Contract, Fraud, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Violation of Non-Disclosure Clauses, and Owner Disputes.

• Business Transactions

– Negotiating, drafting and reviewing business contracts designed to protect his clients’ best interests and mitigate the potential for future conflict. Providing skilled legal representation to clients in both simple and complex business transactions.

• Non-Profits

– Representation of Non-Profits / 501(c)(3) groups to ensure proper formation to avoid potential litigation. Mr. Dexter also offers experienced representation for all transactional matters pertaining to Non-Profits, including drafting Employment Agreements, Tuition Agreements, and General Counsel Services.

Real Estate Law

• Real Estate Litigation

– Providing aggressive legal representation throughout every phase of Real Estate Litigation, Attorney Scott Dexter handles a wide variety of real estate disputes including those arising as the result of: Agent or Broker Disputes, Boundary Disputes, Easements, Eminent Domain, and Buy / Sell Disputes.

• Real Estate Transactions

– Knowledgeable legal counsel to aid clients through all commercial and residential transactional matters.

• Land Use

– Mr. Dexter provides effective legal representation and counsel to those involved in Land Use matters, such as the lease of a portion of your property for the installation of cell phone towers, issues pertaining to Easement Rights, and disputes regarding the use of property.

Banking Law

The Law Office of Upland Lawyer Scott J. Dexter represents banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in both transactional matters and when litigation arises. Representation includes overseeing the sale of bank owned properties, advisement regarding commercial transactions, loan workouts, special assets advisement, and agribusiness loans.

General Counsel Services

In addition to the preceding, Mr. Dexter is proud to offer General Counsel Services to Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations and Banks located in Upland and throughout the surrounding communities. Scott Dexter works to ensure that your business interests are protected so you can focus on the day to day operations rather than worry about legal issues.

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