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Victorville Real Estate Lawyer Scott Dexter

The law firm of Attorney Scott Dexter provides clients with experienced counsel and representation in real estate and business as well as general counsel areas. For nearly three decades, Mr. Dexter has been helping banks, non-profit organizations, and others to successfully address legal issues.

Victorville Real Estate Lawyer and Business Lawyer Dexter carefully crafts the way he approaches each case according to the client’s unique needs, circumstances, and goals. If you require advice from a seasoned business lawyer, a real estate attorney, or a banking lawyer, Victorville Attorney Dexter can be reached by dialing (909) 931-5920 to schedule a private consultation.


Knowledgeable legal guidance can ensure effective steps are taken to properly complete real estate transactions. Mr. Dexter understands what it takes to help clients reach goals.

Dependable California Business Lawyer and Real Estate Attorney

Victorville Attorney Scott J. Dexter offers representation for many kinds of business, banking, and real estate issues.

Trustworthy Business Litigation Attorney

Does it seem that a lawsuit could be brewing? Whether you need to pursue a lawsuit or defend against one, Business Litigation Lawyer Dexter is able to guide you to a successful outcome. From trade secret misappropriation matters to non-disclosure violations and breach of contract matters, Mr. Dexter offers reliable counsel.

Business Formation Lawyer

When establishing a new enterprise such as an S corporation, general partnership, limited liability partnership, sole proprietorship, or C corporation, Business Formation Attorney Scott Dexter can guide you in taking the right steps and address any issues that arise.

Real Estate Transactions Attorney for Victorville, CA

Mr. Dexter is a real estate transactions lawyer who carefully reviews the proposed transaction in every aspect to ensure the client’s objectives are met. His contracts are highly detailed in order to explicitly lay out the obligations and duties of all parties. Because he is an experienced real estate lawyer as well, Attorney Dexter is fully qualified to help with commercial leases, construction cases, escrow, and more.

Business Transaction Attorney for Victorville, California

Do you need assistance with contract negotiations? Victorville Business Transaction Lawyer Dexter effectively represents clients’ interests in matters of new contracts, review of pre-existing contracts, and negotiations. He can assist you in all types of business transactions and similar legal proceedings.

Land Use Attorney

In the event that a dispute over land use arises, Mr. Dexter can help you find a solution. With nearly thirty years’ experience helping clients as a land use lawyer as well as a Victorville real estate lawyer, he advises clients on the impact real estate law may have on cases involving historical property preservation, cell phone towers, water rights, permitting, regulatory taking, and adaptive reuse.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney

When representation and advice is needed for a dispute involving a broker or agent, Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Scott Dexter can help. He has the knowledge and skill it takes to overcome issues involving title disputes, eminent domain, land use, code violations, and general contractor actions.

Banking Law Attorney

Credit unions, banks, and other kinds of financial establishments find effective representation from Banking Law Lawyer Dexter regarding transaction and litigation matters.

Non-Profit Attorney

Charitable organizations in need of counsel regarding litigation, transactional matters, 501(c)(3), or business formation can rely on Non-Profit Lawyer Scott J. Dexter

General Counsel Attorney

Mr. Dexter also offers his services as a general counsel lawyer to non-profits, banks, and similar organizations.

Knowledgeable Victorville Business Lawyer

For skilled representation in matters of business formation, transactions, or litigation, contact Victorville Attorney Dexter for a private consultation. By calling (909) 931-5920 or filling out the online form to reach our business law firm, Mr. Dexter can begin to assess your case, answer questions, and guide you to success.

Providing superior legal counsel, Attorney Scott Dexter gives clients an honest and complete case analysis. He explains each option available to facilitate sound, informed decisions. Contact us for assistance.

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