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Upland Non-Profit Attorney | Lawyer Scott Dexter

Non-Profit Lawyer Scott J. Dexter has been providing knowledgeable legal counsel to charitable organizations throughout the region for more than 27 years. A highly skilled Business Lawyer, Attorney Scott Dexter possesses extensive experience working with Non-Profits, including schools, churches, thrift stores, school organizations & religious organizations, and is committed to serving the needs of charitable organizations.

Whether you are in the formation stage of starting up a Non-Profit, or your charitable organization has already been established, Upland Non-Profit Attorney Scott J. Dexter has an in-depth understanding of the unique needs that are specific to the formation and running of a Non-Profit organization.

Contact the Law Office of Upland Lawyer Scott Dexter at (909) 931-5920 to speak directly with an attorney and schedule an in-office consultation. Dedicated to providing the personalized legal services and counsel that each and every client deserves, all phone calls and emails will be addressed in a timely manner. Additionally, you will always be kept informed regarding any issues that require immediate attention.

One of the area’s most experienced and respected Non-Profit Lawyers. Mr. Dexter works diligently to develop appropriate legal strategies based on the needs of your Non-Profit organization, and will personally handle every aspect pertaining to your legal requirements and needs.

Personalized Solutions for Non-Profits

At the Law Office of Upland Non-Profit Attorney Scott Dexter, we have a proven track record of successfully helping charitable organizations in a wide variety of legal issues, including but not limited to the following: Upland Non-Profit Attorney

It is essential that the proper steps are taken when establishing and operating a Non-Profit organization, particularly with respect to ensuring that nothing jeopardizes the organization’s tax exempt status. Attention to detail is crucial, as any errors during the formation process, failure to comply with State or Federal laws pertaining to Non-Profits, or general accounting mistakes could have devastating consequences for your organization.

Upland Non-Profit Lawyer Scott J. Dexter offers comprehensive representation to Non-Profits, and possesses the skill, knowledge and experience required to provide the highest quality legal counsel. He will work closely with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of the unique objectives of your charitable organization, and take all appropriate legal measures to ensure that your goals and objectives are attained.

Call Upland Non-Profit Attorney Scott Dexter Today for Additional Information

For additional information about establishing or running your organization, please call the Law Office of Upland Non-Profit Lawyer Scott J. Dexter at (909) 931-5920. Mr. Dexter will meet with you to thoroughly review your legal matter and provide insightful and intelligent counsel.

Located in Upland, Attorney Scott Dexter proudly serves the needs of Non-Profits and charitable organizations throughout the region. A complex area of representation, Mr. Dexter has earned a reputation for excellence within the local legal community for his exhaustive understanding of how these organizations should be established and operated to maintain full legal compliance. Let us put our vast experience to work for your Non-Profit organization.

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